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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Looking for a trusted, respected service provider? FXRELAX is always there for you. Contact us today and find out about our exceptional dealing desk and tools.

Trade copier high-performance is very simple. You can now have all trades taken from our master account copied to your personal account in less than 1 second.

Forex (FX) Trade Copier Service | Forex (FX) Trading Signals SMS | Forex (FX) Trading Strategy

Forex Trade Copier

What currency pairs do you trade?

Our team offers more than 7 Instrument pairs to trade (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, USDJPY, EURCAD, EURJPY,).

How often will subscribers receive our trades?

Generally you will receive the hypothetical trades daily, these vary from 0-10 instruments daily twice a day.

I am a beginner in the Forex market, Can I subscribe in the trade copier?

Yes, of course .please contact us by the e-mail address and our team will guide you with all the steps.

What can I do if the internet connection is cut?

There is no need to worry. Simply restart your computer and reconnect your internetconnection .The trade copier will work again and if it doesnt work please contact us.

My trade wasnt executed on the slave account. Why?

These are some of the most probable causes:

  • Price Slippage. When the trade was to be executed by the Slave, its price has moved too far away from the allowed slippage defined by thePriceDiffAcceptedPips parameter in the Slave configuration. This is a safety control parameter and you can set its value according to your criteria.
  • Symbol mismatch. Please make sure that the trades symbol exists on both Master and Slave MT4 platform. You may need to adjust the Pair Suffixand/or Pair Prefix parameters in the Slave configuration.
  • Pending order. By default the Master doesnt copy Pending Orders. If you want to copy Pending Orders you need to adjust the Copy Market Orders Only parameter to FALSE in the Master configuration.
  • The Slave was offline when the trade was opened by the Master. In order for the Slave to process the trades coming from the Master, it needs to be online at all times. We advise the use of a VPS.

What will happen after I Pay?

Your order will be processed within 1hour. During this time, you will be emailed full set-up instructions, download link, and license information. If you have not received a set-up email from us after 24 hours from your order please contact us.

Is it possible to pay in another way instead of pay pal?

If you want to pay in a different way, please contact us with a suggestion of the payment way.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we are proud to offer 7 days trial

Trading Signal SMS

What currency do you offer free trial services?

Unfortunately for the moment we do not offer free trial services, because we use high end valuable recourses and applications, combined with the professional skills of our staff, to provide good quality, and low cost forex Signal and trading signals to our subscribers, which are incomparable with any other similar services. If you are not sure how good our services are, we would advice you to follow our free daily Signal alerts, technical analyses, and compare the price levels with your charts, for as long as you like.

Do you want a trial period?

You may be involved with us in the trade copier 7 days free.

Do I have to strictly follow your trading signals?

We send our trading signal with particular recommended Buy/Sell, SL and TP prices. You may follow them exactly as they are, in conjunction with your particular platform spreads and prices, or you may trade at a close or similar prices as you find best for your situation.

Will my subscription automatically be renewed?

No, subscription is not automatically renewed and you credit card not automatically charged at the end of your subscription period. When it expires, if you would like to renew it, you should choose a period to subscribe to and make your online payment. We will also send you a reminding email at the day your subscription expires.

Why there is a difference sometimes in the prices you give and the market?

There are few reasons for possible prices discrepancies. One is because of the fast changing and volatile Forex market. Another is because everyone is using different platform, and we can not always match the exact price of the currency pairs at the time of sending signal. Therefore sometimes there is one or few pips, which could be in your advantage or disadvantage, which we know sometimes make the whole difference between profit and loss.

Why I receive exit signal for already closed position?

Signals are valid for open positions on platforms where SL/TP were has not been reached yet.

Why do you sometimes send more than one exits?

The simple answer is for insurance. More than one exit gives our customers more and better exit options. Those who wish to be more careful and watch the market, would be able to choose where to exit, they will risk less and profit less. Others who prefer to use the set and forget strategy, may risk more (SL in most cases is 26 pips), and profit more (TP in most cases is 50-60 pips). Multiple exits are also useful if you do not have time to stand in front of your computer and wish to exit earlier, or as positive warnings when you can exit with more profit, or hit TP/SL respectively, if you have more time to stay on your computer. Every exit signal gives a good closing position opportunity, which may be the last. Particular trading advises (included in the Forecast Plus service) of how to best use our services, including use of multiple exits, will be given to you when/if you become our customer.

How do you analyze market and produce your Signal/signals

Our analysts and Forex market strategists are those who analyze the market technically and fundamentally, checking many market oscillators and indicators on different chart intervals, than build probable scenarios and suitable strategies for the particular case and time, the results of which are resembled in the Signal/signals we provide our customers with. In our technical analyses you may get some ideas on how we do that.

Can I achieve the same performance as yours with your signals?

Our accurate and positive performance does not mean that all of your trades will be winning trades. We use a technical forecasting tool that is comprised of proprietary forecasting indicators that apply Forex networks to market data for the purpose of finding patterns and relationships between markets and then using this information to make futuristic Signal. Using these indicators each trader determines their own entries, exits and stop placements which may vary from those of other traders due to differences among traders in trading style, objectives, risk propensity, account size and number of contracts involved, thereby producing different trading results from one trader to another. Specific trading advices of how to best use our services are given to our Forecast Plus clients..

Should I be skeptical about your results?

As you can see from our signal records price levels, in many cases we have limited the bigger possible gains, in order to limit eventual risk, save time, and keep customers satisfied. If you are skeptical about our performance figures, like most of our visitors are, we would advise you to follow our free daily forecast, technical analyses and compare our signal records prices with your chart prices.

stoploss between 30-40 pip only

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